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Amla Yummies

ORGANIC AMLA YUMMIES (Rich in Vitamin C & Antioxidants): ORGANIC AMLA are a delicious way to get all of the natural health benefits of the Amla Fruit. Amla is rich in natural Vitamin C & other antioxidants, which support digestion, immunity, hair, skin and eyes. Amla Drops made from Fresh Amla. Organic India follows standard parameters to grow Amala and preserve the freshness.
₹ 95.00

Coconut Oil Extra Virgin 500 Ml

Is the Highest Quality, Best Tasting, Ultra Healthy and Pure Organic Coconut Oil. A natural super food beneficial for the heart, it also helps in healthy functioning of the thyroid and endocrine systems, and increases the body’s metabolic rate, helping to melt away the extra pounds.
₹ 725.00

Dehydrated Mango Slices

ORGANIC INDIA’s 100% Pure Dehydrated Mango slices retain the delicious, sweet flavor and rich nutritional value of fresh mangoes. Dehydrated Mango slices are ready to eat right from the bag or can be finely sliced to use in many recipes including salads, cakes, desserts, smoothies, lassi & ice cream toppings. Great in chutneys too.
₹ 199.00

Executive Deluxe Wooden Gift

Wooden gift box contains 60 TB of Tulsi Original, Tulsi Ginger, tulsi Masala Chai, Tulsi Green (15 TB each)
₹ 895.00

Moringa Powder

Essential Nutrition Organic Moringa powder contains Organic leaf powder of Moringa oliefera (Sahjan). The powder is produced by harvesting, drying then milling the leaves of Moringa oleifera. The powder is extremely rich in nutrients. It contains 90 +nutrients and 40 + antioxidants.
₹ 175.00

Natural Soap- Pack of 4

Our natural soap is procured from the wild valley of Himalayan range. 400gm gift pack for you and your loved ones
₹ 277.00