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Combo - Rice Masala

Rice 20 kg "Clove (लौंग - laung)" 2kg "Black Cardamom (इलायची - Ilaichi)" 2 kg "Cardamom (इलायची - Ilaichi)" 2kg
₹ 11,420.00

Couple Combo (Pulses and Spices)

Special Combo for working couples. These products are sourced from farmers and manufacturers. Our Quality our pride
₹ 810.00

Essentials - Mini Combo (Pulses and Spices)

Mini Combo of essential pulses and spices
₹ 510.00

Family Pack (Pulses and Spices)

Great Value pack of authentic Pulses and Spices for family
₹ 3,410.00

Kerela Spices Combo deal

We bring to you a Combo deal of best spices from Kerala
₹ 1,800.00

Pulses Combo

Pulses combo from farmers of Madhya Pradesh
₹ 710.00